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The plaintive melody broke her heart.

This game is a lot of fun.

Girls who are concerned with guys but can't be honest are a real boom among young men nowadays.


Lindsey lowered the bucket into the well.

I've been thinking about what we need to do.

We have PE class.


You shouldn't impose your opinion on others.

Rodent waited a long time for Niall, but she never showed up.

In my opinion he is not fit for the work.

In Ukraine I always speak Ukrainian.

They need an interpreter.


We're brother and sister.

I was on my way home.

Had I arrived earlier, I could have seen Kelly.

Oliver is an archivist.

Eileen likes cooking for Mah.


We should do this every Monday.

Alejandro couldn't resist asking Mason that question.

Walter is wearing a new coat.

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Gold isn't cheap.

The former director is in a doghouse.

Sanity put new locks on all his doors.

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I gave you explicit instructions not to touch anything.

They contrived to arrive in time after all.

I couldn't let Tricia go.


Um, is the room quiet?

In the winter I'm in the city, but I stay in the country for the summer.

I'm one of the lucky ones.

Does anybody have some news?

Did you have fun with Ernst and Hilda today?

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I wonder why my computer crashed.

I am very much attached to this old straw hat.

Judging from her appearance, I think that she's rich.

Miltos asked Stephe to meet him in the lobby.

I didn't ask whether you wanted to go.


Have you started yet?

I was flabbergasted.

Are those your pictures?


Why didn't somebody help her?

Timothy and I barely know each other.

Her manner marks her pride.

I too like apples.

Hey boys, what's up?


I know that Mike likes basketball.

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The queen visited the museum.

She is as poor as ever.

I wanted to hire a coach.

My bath towel was wet, so it was of no use.

We weren't fighting.

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I was much confused by his questions.

Somebody might've overheard your conversation with Ernest.

The sea is to fish what the sky is to birds.


Aaron warned Jurevis not to be late.

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Dan hit Matt and forced him to apologize to Linda.

We shouldn't leave the matter unsettled.

I've got a lot to learn from you.

The cottage industry is in good health.

There's always next year.

Ian didn't know whether he should stay a bit longer or leave right away.

The shops were so many!

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There isn't one available.

I wish it weren't so.

Vernon hasn't cut the tree yet.


Emmett is going to be surprised.

Pitawas wanted Marion and John to be nicer to each other.

The sun has always wounded the eyes of its worshippers.


I'm proud to be Canadian.

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I came out really badly in this photo.

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That's what we were told.


Stay away from them.

If you only had one more week to live, what would you spend your time doing?

A lot has happened this past week.

The government's policies failed miserably.

Elric will learn the secret sooner or later.

Don't mind the money at all.

Did Kristin tell you to say those things?


"What's this shop?" "Should we go in and have a look?" "OK."

That's not the way it happened.

He made me do it.

The loneliness and drabness of working away from people are fatal to his best effort.

He wants to sip some of the champagne.

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There were lots of bundles, but they weren't thousand-dollar bills.

Is this the place where the accident happened?

People were nice to me.

I am at home with the geography of Higashikakogawa.

I'd like to say something.

Even if I were rich, I wouldn't give money to him.

You are so wrong it hurts.


This is my painting.

We're not concerned about that.

I miss my kids.

The street in front of my house is pretty narrow.

We've sold some but not a whole lot.

Why do you take so long to eat?

I still can't believe that Casey hates Sherri.

I don't keep secrets from you.

Due to the water shortage, all the flowers in the garden have died.

Brooke explained the reasons for his decision.

He yelled for help.

I know that would make me happy.

Having been brought up in America, my father speaks English fluently.

Why did Neil stop doing what he was doing?

I didn't think you were needed.

A maid came in to comb out her long hair, and brought the finest linen for her use.

I don't give a damn what society thinks.

Sherri often talks to his parents on Skype.

The surgery was successful.

"This one?" "No, that one!"

It's fine, just make sure you don't say that again.

I guess I don't have a choice.

I've just come up with a great idea.

Every time I see him, he is smiling.

Is there something we can do for you?


How much of this is Giovanni's fault?

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Is he always like that?

How do you even know that?

We'll miss Nicholas.


I knew Dorothy would go to the dance with Josip.


I'll return as soon as I can.


He made her happy.

How did you know that Marnix didn't know how to speak French?

Gale doesn't respect us.


She won't do the dishes.


Roger couldn't find his passport.

Marvin and Kerri ate Chinese take-out.

I'll take care of your children tonight.

For some reason or another - probably because she got angry - she started hitting me.

The moon was full yesterday.

But, I'm going steady.

I try to eat a balanced diet.


Deborah had to drop out from college because he couldn't afford tuition.

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I'd have waited for you.

It's fun.

I'd like to visit Egypt someday.


Was I about to die?

Last week the powerful Keidanren called on Tokyo to lift the ban.

Shawn has told me so much about you.

I'm on the football team.

We believed them.

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Earle knew better than to say such a thing to Kuldip.

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Norman is starting to relax a little.

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We are building a bridge.


Norma's funny.

When the elevator goes up, the counterweight goes down.

The old man contributed a large sum of money to the poor.

I found this odd-looking device in an antique shop. What do you make of it?

The performance began at 8:00.

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She borrowed the book from him many years ago and hasn't yet returned it.


Anatole has hired a private detective.


No stars are to be seen in the daytime.

There seems to be evidence suggesting Randy was responsible for Gerard's death.

We got drunker than ever last night and I woke up in the middle of nowhere this morning.

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That's too good a story to be true.

His aim in life was to become a great doctor.

I take it you like Fay.


Ms. Takada accused the boy of copying another student's homework.